Alexander S. Bermange and Friends
at The Hippodrome

Experience award-winning comic songwriter and performer Alexander S. Bermange with a spectacular selection of special guests at The Hippodrome in London’s West End on Sunday 30th April.

Alexander S. Bermange has acquired a formidable following amongst millions of radio listeners through his many appearances performing his comic songs on BBC Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. A new album celebrating his work, Wit & Whimsy, recently hit the no. 1 spot in iTunes's comedy album chart. Further writing credits for which Alexander has achieved recognition include musicals and theatre productions that have been produced in the West End, around the UK and internationally.

Following his successful solo performances at the St James Theatre and the Pheasantry, Alexander will be joined on stage at the Hippodrome by some of the 23 celebrities and West End stars who feature on the Wit & Whimsy album (Simon Bailey, Lucy May Barker, Ian Bartholomew, Gina Beck, David Bedella, Tracie Bennett, Sanne den Besten, Christopher Biggins, Richard Carson, Anna-Jane Casey, Phil Daniels, Cassidy Janson, Amy Lennox, Sam Lupton, Miriam Margolyes, Craig Mather, Laura Pitt-Pulford, Nigel Planer, Ben Richards, Lauren Samuels, Oliver Savile, Gemma Sutton and Emma Williams) as well as a number of surprise special guests (Marianne Benedict, Kieran Brown, Stephanie Clift, Niki Evans, Sooz Kempner, Jemma Revell, David Ribi, Rebecca Trehearn... well, maybe they’re not a surprise any more... ).

The performance will comprise a generous selection of Alexander’s latest and greatest comedic musical creations. Some are portraits of crazy characters such as obsessive trainspotters, tone-deaf singers or would-be fairy-tale princesses; others are tongue-in-cheek celebrations of modern day technology, automated telephone answering systems, or the world of showbiz; others take the form of tales with twists or tongue-twisting lists. They are all certain to amuse and entertain in equal measure.

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