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Photo: Francis Loney

The Route To Happiness is a three-person musical charting the individual and interweaving experiences of three present-day Londoners in pursuit of their respective dreams: finding love, making money, and becoming famous. A show with humour and heart, it promises to amuse you, move you, and possibly even make you question your own desires and goals...

The musical premiered at the Landor Theatre, London, in a production featuring Cassidy Janson, Niall Sheehy and Shona White, and directed by Robert McWhir.

Critical reaction:





“A fantastic piece of theatre”


“This show is ample proof that three talented people in a room accompanied by just a piano and bass can produce something that will capture the imagination and arouse emotion just as much as the bells, whistles and pyrotechnics of a mega bucks extravaganza.”


“A really, really good musical”
BBC London 94.9

“A mature work from a talented composer-lyricist with life in it for the future… Catch it the next time around.”

“Time is running out to be lucky enough to see this, book now if you still can.”


“The score contains a mix of exceptional musical numbers that genuinely touch the heart”

Musical Theatre Review

“The Route To Happiness has that desired effect of leaving you feeling, well, happy to have seen it.”

See production photographs and hear the cast performing extracts (as broadcast live on BBC London 94.9) here.


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